Company Overview

Veroni Brands was created to search out unique, remarkable and desirable premium products across Europe and make them accessible to discerning consumers in the U.S. Veroni Brands strives to import the extraordinary and delight their consumer with experiences that had previously only been attainable in Europe.

We take pride in the products we import and are proud to share them with our consumers.


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Our mission is to spread surprise and delight through every aspect of our business from consumers and retailers to distributors and shareholders.  If we are successful in our mission, we will indulge our consumers with unique experiences, revolutionize the way distributors and retailers do business, and grow shareholder value.


We aspire to be trusted to deliver beloved brands that become essential elements of our consumer’s lives and bedrocks of our distributor and retailer partner’s businesses – brands that consumer love to enjoy, retailers love to sell and shareholders love to own.


We embrace strict quality control at every stage of production which allows us to offer products that satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding customers. The implemented systems, thanks to rigid procedures, guarantee high quality and safety of both raw material and the final product offered to our consumers.